3 December 2012

Catherina Elsabein (Hagen) Fiegenbaum

1786 — 1853

Immanuels Church Cemetery

Holstein, Warren County, Missouri, USA

Grave marker of Catherina Elsabein (Hagen) Fiegenbaum at Holstein, Missouri
Holstein, Missouri; June 1980. From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family; all rights reserved.

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Catherina Elsabein (Hagen) Fiegenbaum, 1786 - 1853

Cath. Elsabein
geb: Hagen von Ladbergen
geb: den 26ten Sept: 1786
gest: den 16ten Sept: 1853

Cath. Elsabein
neé: Hagen from Ladbergen
born: the 26th Sept: 1786
died: the 16th Sept: 1853

Catherina Elsabein (Hagen) Fiegenbaum's grave is in the cemetery across the street from the present-day church in Holstein, Warren County, Missouri, USA. Since 1957, the congregation has been known as Immanuels United Church of Christ. This cemetery is on the former site of the first 2 church buildings erected in Holstein and is the oldest of the three cemeteries connected with the church.

Brief Genealogy

Catherina Elsabein Hagen's family

Johann Heinrich Fiegenbaum's family

Fiegenbaum - Hagen family

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