30 July 2011

Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum

1824 — 1906

Woodlawn Cemetery

Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois, USA

Grave marker of Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum
Edwardsville, Illinois; October 2004. Permission of Judith Miller and Harriet Fiegenbaum; all rights reserved.

Rev. Wm. Fiegenbaum
1824 - 1906

During his lifetime, and particularly in the literature of the German Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum was often identified by his middle name, in either its German (Wilhelm) or English (William) form.

The grave of Wilhelm's wife, Sophia (Gusewelle) Fiegenbaum, is in the same cemetery.

Brief Genealogy

Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum's family

Sophia Gusewelle's family

Fiegenbaum - Gusewelle family

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