30 July 2011

Oscar L. Sooy


Bertha Fiegenbaum

Woodlawn Cemetery

Edwardsville, Madison County, Illinois, USA

Gravestone of Oscar L. and Bertha (Fiegenbaum) Sooy
Edwardsville, Illinois; October 2004. Permission of Harriet Fiegenbaum and Judith Miller; all rights reserved.


Oscar L.
1882 - 1914

Bertha F.
1884 - 1968

Brief Genealogy

Oscar L. Sooy's family

Details of the birth family of Oscar L. Sooy (1882-1914) are not currently known.

Bertha Fiegenbaum's family

Her father's 1st marriage

Her father's 2nd marriage

Sooy - Fiegenbaum family

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