13 February 2016

The head of Research

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OK, there really is no research department. There is only one not-so-young guy with a very messy desk and an old computer. You can still get in touch with him, if:

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probably offers the most efficient means of communication. However, that technology works much faster than I do. There is a long list of interests and responsibilities that demand my attention and which I work full time to avoid. I can not always guarantee an immediate response to your message, but I will send an answer sooner or later. If, after a reasonable time you have not heard from me, don't hesitate to send me a reminder. Sometimes (nearly always?) I need a little prodding.

Send Regular Mail

Few pleasures in life surpass the reading of the printed word on paper. I've spent a good part of my life with my nose buried in a book. I still embrace this old fashioned method of corresponding, which I refuse to call "snail mail." If you send me a letter, I will happily add it to one of the many stacks of paper in my "office."

Typewriting and legible penmanship are welcome. A hurried scrawl could complicate matters. Anything written in old German script requires a lot of deciphering, but with hard work and infinite patience I have had some success in the past.

The U.S. Postal Service usually finds me at:

J. Mark Fiegenbaum
12 College View Heights
South Hadley,  MA  01075-1608