16 June 2013

Rev. Herman H. Bierbaum

1875 — ?

Biographical Material

Rev. H. H. Bierbaum, pastor of the Evangelical Trinity church of the town of Brookfield, comes of a family which has many representatives in the same work.  His father, Rev. A. J. H. Bierbaum, was born in Marthasville, Mo., Oct. 31, 1849, and married Miss Ernestine Fiebig, who was born Feb. 5, 1853.  The former was ordained for the ministry in 1874, his first charge being at Prescott, Wis., where the subject of this sketch was born on Oct. 24, 1875.  His next charge was at Rhine, Sheboygan county, and he remained several years at each point.  He then returned to Warren county, Mo., taking a church at Holstein, where he remained for twelve years.  Later he spent two years in Denver, Col., then several years in Missouri, six years at Ada, Wis., several years in Iowa, and then came to Milwaukee, which is his present residence.  He has suffered from poor health which has necessitated considerable travel and some changes of residence.  There were eleven children in the family, of whom seven are living, viz., Rev. H. H. Bierbaum, the subject of this sketch; Daniel, a minister, residing in Beecher, Ill., Paul, a minister, residing in Millville, Minn.; Theodore, a minister, residing in Old Ripley, Bond county, Ill.; Anna, unmarried, resides with her parents; Jonathan, now in college at Elmhurst, Ill., preparing for the ministry; and Emma, residing at home.  The subject of this sketch remained in the parental home until he attained his majority, having at that time been graduated at the high school at Glenbeulah, Wis., and the college at Elmhurst, Ill.  On June 13, 1897, he was married to Miss Emma Meyer, of School Hill, Manitowoc county, Wis., and after his marriage attended the seminary at Franklin, Sheboygan county, for three years.  His first pastorate was at New Berlin, Waukesha county, remaining there a year and a half; then went to Washburn, Ill, where he remained for six years, and until taking his present church.  While located at Washburn he devoted some time to the lecture field.  The present charge is located about two miles north of the Brookfield and Butler church and is known locally as the "Evangelical Church." Three children, Esther, Nora and Raymond, have been born to Rev. and Mrs. H. H. Bierbaum.  The latter is the daughter of F. G. and Alwina (Bornefeld) Meyer, both natives of Germany.  The father came to Wisconsin when a young man and located at School Hill.  Most of his life in this country was spent in Sheboygan county, but he and his wife reside at present in Chilton, Calumet county, Wis.

Source: Memoirs of Waukesha County from the Earliest Historical Times Down to the Present, with Special Chapters on Various Subjects, Including Each of the Different Towns, and a Genealogical and Biographical Record of Representative Families in the County, Prepared from Data Obtained from Original Sources of Information, Theron W. Haight, editor (Madison, Wisconsin: Western Historical Association, 1907), pages 363-364.

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Herman H. Bierbaum's family

Emma Meyer's family

Emma Meyer was probably born in Wisconsin, USA, but details of her birth and her birth family are not known at this time.

Bierbaum - Meyer family

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