27 April 2013

Hermann Heinrich Bierbaum

1824 — 1892

Biograpical Material

Herman H. Bierbaum

(Of Bierbaum's Steam Grist and Saw-mill, Post-office, Femme Osage)

Mr. Bierbaum came to Warren county at the age of 21, in 1845, and learned the milling business under C. H. Schaaf, afterwards his father-in-law, and he has continued in the industry ever since, for a period now of nearly 40 years.  He is now the owner and proprietor of the old Schaaf mill property, and continues the business on the same site where his father-in-law built and started the first horse-mill of the county, in 1841.  Subsequently, in about five years, Mr. Schaaf changed his mill to an ox-mill, which he ran for nearly 20 years.  This in turn was replaced by a steam-mill in 1854, the first one in the county.  Mr. Bierbaum bought the steam-mill of his father-in-law in 1860.  The engine is now 30 years old, and one of the wooden cog wheels, still running as glibly as when it was first hewn from its parent tree, is over 40 years old.  The mill-house is a substantial three-story [sic] stone structure built of rough rock and a very picture of stability.  Mr. Bierbaum has a good place of 200 acres, well improved, including a substantial, comfortable residence and other buildings.  He was born in Munster Wester Cappeln, Germany, October 15, 1824, and was a son of John F. and Katherine M. Bierbaum, who emigrated to America in 1834 and settled in St. Charles county.  The mother died there in 1864, and the father in 1880, at the age of 81.  Herman A. [sic], the subject of this sketch, grew up on his father's farm in St. Charles county, and came thence to Warren county in 1845, as stated above.  October 24, 1848, he was married to Miss Anne M. Schaaf, a daughter of C. H. Schaaf, who came from Germany in 1834.  After Mr. Schaaf sold out to Mr. Bierbaum he established a mill at Augusta, in St. Charles county, which he sold to his sons in 1873.  He is now deceased.  Mr. and Mrs. Bierbaum have had 11 children, five of whom are living: John H., married and a farmer in Jackson county, Ludwig C., whose wife is deceased and he is now with his father; Gustave H., married and a farmer of this county; William F. and Carl G.  Mr. Bierbaum's mill has a capacity of 50 barrels of meal and flour per day.

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Brief Genealogy

Hermann Heinrich Bierbaum's family

Hermann Heinrich Bierbaum was born on 15 October 1824 at Westerkappeln, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia, the son of Johann Friedrich and Catharine Maria Bierbaum. I currently have no other information about this family.

Anna Maria Schaaf's family

Anna Maria Schaaf was born on 2 August 1829 at Osnabrück, Kingdom of Hannover, the daughter of C. Heinrich Schaff and Louise Huxoll. I currently have no other information about this family.

Bierbaum - Schaff family

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