3 December 2012

Carl August Brockmeier


Magdelena Thoma

Marriage, 30 August 1890

Marriage certificate for Carl August Brockmeier and Magdelena Thoma
30 August 1890; St. Louis, Missouri. Permission of Charlotte M. (Gerber) Krejci; all rights reserved.

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The marriage certificate of Carl August Brockmeier and Magdelena "Lina" Thoma

This image shows a portion of a German-language marriage certificate (Trauschein ). Mr. Carl August Brockmeier, of Red Bud, Randolph County, Illinois, and Miss. Magdelena "Lina" Thoma, of St. Louis, Missouri were married at St. Louis on 30 August 1890 by Rev. C. J. Otto Hanser, an evangelical Lutheran pastor. Mr. Theodor Heuer and Miss Rosa Thoma, Magdelena's sister, signed the certificate as witnesses.

Rev. Hanser also officiated at the baptism of Carl and Magdelena's third child, Wilhelm in 1895.

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