20 August 2010

Theodore J. Fiegenbaum


Nellie M. Erlenborn

Marriage License

The following is a transcription of Marriage License number 4815 and the Return of a Marriage to County Clerk found in Marriage Register 3, page 6 in the archives of LaSalle County, Illinois.

Photocopies of the original documents were provided by the LaSalle County Genealogy Guild, of Ottawa, Illinois.

Marriage License
The People of the State of Illinois.

LaSalle County
To Any Person Legally Authorized
To Solemize Marriage.

Marriage may be Celebrated

Between  Mr      Theodore J. Fiegenbaum          of      Hampton       
in  the  County  of     Hamilton     and  State  of      Nebraska    
of  the  age  of     Twenty  Seven     years  and  M iss Nellie M. Erlenborn   
of         Mendota         in  the  County  of         LaSalle              and  State  of
        Illinois         of  the  age  of     Nineteen     years.

Witness   P. Finlen, County Clerk and the seal of said County
at his Office in Ottawa in said County this    10th    day of    Sept.    AD 18 89  

                                 P. Finlen             County Clerk
per Geo. H. Madden                     

State of Illinois
LaSalle County
I     Friedrich Richter         a n  Ev.   luth.   Pastor         
hereby  certify  that  Mr    Theodore J. Fiegenbaum      and
Miss  Nellie  M.  Erlenborn        were  united  in  Marriage  by  me  at       Mendota     
in  the  County  of  La Salle  and  State  of  Illinois  on  the  eleventh  day of  Sept. AD 1889 

           Friedrich Richter           

           Ev. luth. Pastor              


Illinois State Board of Health.

Return of a Marriage to County Clerk.

  1.  Full name of Groom,   Theodore J. Fiegenbaum   
  2.  Place of Residence,   Hampton Nebr   
  3.  Occupation,   Druggist   
  4.  Age next Birthday,   27   years.   Color,   W.      Race,   C.   
  5.  Place of Birth,   St. Paul Minn   
  6.  Father's Name,   Frederik Fiegenbaum   
  7.  Mother's Maiden Name,   Louise Otto   
  8.  Number of Groom's Marriage,   1st   
  9.  Full Name of Bride,   Nellie M. Erlenborn   
        Maiden Name, if a Widow,                                   
10.  Place of Residence,   Mendota Ills.   
11.  Age next Birthday,   19   years.   Color,   W.      Race,   C.   
12.  Place of Birth,   Mendota Ills.   
13.  Father's Name,   Anton Erlenborn   
14.  Mother's Maiden Name,   Rosa Haefner   
15.  Number of Bride's Marriage,   1st   
16.  Married at   Mendota    in the County of    La Salle    and the State of Illinois, the    11th   
        day of    September    18 89   
17.  Witnesses to Marriage,             Adam [--?--]                   
                 Otto [P?] Erlenborn           

N.B. -- At Nos. 8 and 15 state whether 1st, 2d, 3d, &c., Marriage of each. 17 give names of subscribing witnesses to the Marriage Certificate. If no subscribing witnesses, give names of two persons who witnessed the ceremony.

       Mendoata Ills. Sept. 11         1889

We Hereby Certify that the information above given is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.

        Theo J. Fiegenbaum [signature]         (Groom.)

          Nellie Erlenborn [signature]                (Bride.)  

I Hereby Certify that the above is a correct return of a Marriage solemnized by me.

             Fr. Richter                     

          Ev. luth. Pastor              

Dated at    Mendota Ills.    this    11th    day of    Sept.   18 89

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