30 July 2011

Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum


Henriette Caroline Amelia Starkebaum

Marriage Certificate

marriage certificate for William F. Fiegenbaum and Henriette C. Starkebaum
Lafayette County, Missouri; 1893.  From the Fiegenbaum-Gerber family.

Certificate of Marriage

State of Missouri
County of    Lafayette   

I hereby certify that on the     nineteenth (19.)      day of     October       
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety three (1893)   
at        Higginsville        in the County of        Lafayette            
and State aforesaid I the undersigned a     minister of the   Gospel,      by
authority of a license bearing date the   17th   day of   October   A.D. 189 3  
and issued by the Recorder of       Lafayette         County Missouri
did join in


   William F. Fiegenbaum           of the County of    Lafayette    State of Missouri
and   Henriette C. Starkebaum   of the County of         do        State of     do    

in the Presence of

    Frederik Fiegenbaum    
    Louise Starkebaum         WITNESSES
   H. F. Hoefer   
   Pastor of Salems Church   
   Higginsville, Mo


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