21 January 2017

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Adolph Heinrich Fiegenbaum

1793 — 1877

Declaration of Intention
U.S. Citizenship

declaration of intention by Adolph H. Fiegenbaum
St. Charles County, Missouri; 1838.  Courtesy of Frances Gretchen (Klein) Leenerts.

State of Missouri,

  St. Charles County,

  In   St.   Charles   Circuit   Court,     Aprill  [sic]   Term,   A.D.   1838.

I Adolphus Fiegenbaum do declare that I am a native of Latbergen [sic], Kingdom of Prussia, that I am about fourty [sic] four years old; that I emigrated from Latbergen [sic] that I there owed allegiance to King William III  King  of Prussia, that I am a Carpenter by profession, and that I am married to Cristina Peterjohan, and that I have six Children, that I landed in New Orleans in June 1834 and that I intend to settle in the State of Missouri

I further declare that it is my bona fide intention to become a citizen of the United States, and to renounce and abjure forever, all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State and Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to   William   III   of   Prussia

Subscribed and sworn to in open Court,

2nd  day of  April    A.D. 1838

signature of Adolph H. Fiegenbaum

Adolph Fiegenbaum's signature

signature of Adolph H. Fiegenbaum

Brief Genealogy

Adolph Heinrich Fiegenbaum's family

Christine Elisabeth Peterjohann's family

Fiegenbaum - Peterjohann family

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