1 January 2014

August Hermann Karl Fiegenbaum

1875 — 1947

Birth & Baptism

Family's record of August H. K. Fiegenbaum's birth and baptism
Warren County, Missouri; 1875.  Photocopy of original courtesy of Jane (Fiegenbaum) Padget.

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Family's record of August Hermann Karl Fiegenbaum's birth & baptism

This is a portion of a family register which appears to have been kept by Hermann Heinrich and Wilhelmine Florentine Charlotte (Wehrmann) Fiegenbaum in which they recorded the names and the dates of the births, baptisms, and sometimes the deaths, of their 12 children. August Hermann Karl Fiegenbaum was the 11th child.

A transcription of this entry is:

Unser Sohn August Hermann Karl ist geboren
D 7 ten November Morgens um halb 7 uhr
Sontag morgen Im Jahr 1875
Und getauft den 19 No Dezember

A translation is:

Our son August Hermann Karl was born
on the 7th of November at 6:30 in the morning
Sunday morning in the year 1875
And baptized on the 19th of December

August Hermann Karl Fiegenbaum's birth and baptism were also recorded in the archives of the evangelische kirche am Charette (known since 1957 as Immanuels United Church of Christ) at Holstein, Warren County, Missouri, USA. The sponsor at the baptism was Carl Wippermann.

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