30 July 2011

George Edward Fiegenbaum

1876 — 1910


photographic portrait of George Edward Fiegenbaum
Edwardsville, Illinois; 1900.  Permission of Harriet L. Fiegenbaum; all rights reserved.

George Edward Fiegenbaum


George E. Fiegenbaum, former city treasurer of Edwardsville, expired very suddenly at 5 minutes before 3 o'clock this afternoon at his home.  His demise was due to acute kidney disease, which occasionally makes a manifestation of that kind.  Mr. Fiegenbaum had been suffering from Bright's disease for a long time, but had been about town as usual until a week ago.  Since then he was in such pain and so weak that he remained at home.

His death this afternoon was very sudden, and although his condition was realized by the family the end came with startling suddenness.  He ate dinner as usual today and had been seated in his chair chatting with those about him.  Just before 3 o'clock he arose from his chair and crossed the room to get some fruit, which he ate with relish.  Suddenly he collapsed into his chair and in a moment was gone.

George E. Fiegenbaum was a son of Alderman Fred Fiegenbaum, who is a present member of the city council.  George was formerly city clerk.  He was a valued office man, being assistant in the office of his uncle, Dr. E. W. Fiegenbaum.  He had an affection [sic] of the spine which reduced his stature, but he was unfailingly cheerful and good natured and was loved for those qualities.  He leaves a wife and family.

Source: Obituary from the Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville, Illinois; September 14, 1910. Copy provided by Harriet L. Fiegenbaum.

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