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Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum

1862 — 1929


first half of obituary for Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum
second half of obituary for Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum
Lafayette County, Missouri; 1929.  From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family.

In the interest of saving space on this page, the obituary is presented here as two images. When published, the obituary appeared in the newspaper as a single long column.

Obituary for Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum
1862 — 1929

The following is a scanned image of the complete obituary as published in 1929.

scanned image of the obituary for Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum

Obituary for Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum
1862 — 1929

It is very probable that this obituary was published in the Higginsville Advance, based in Higginsville, Lafayette County, Missouri.

As the last paragraph indicates, the obituary was published after the funeral, which was conducted on Thursday, 14 November 1929 at Zion Evangelical Church at Mayview, Missouri.

The following is a transcription of the obituary.


William Frederick Fiegenbaum was born March 15, 1862 at Holstein, Mo., where, not long after, he was by baptism admitted to the church of God. 1   He attended the parochial school of the Evangelical church at Holstein until April 14, 1876, when by the solemn rite of confirmation he was admitted to the membership of the Evangelical Church at Holstein under the administration of Rev. J. Schierbaum. 2   As a young man of about 18 years he came to this vicinity, where the rest of his life was spent.  On the 19th day of October, 1893 he was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Henrietta Starkebaum at Higginsville, Mo., by the Rev. H. Hoefer.  Since that happy day his family lived on the same place where the father so unexpectedly now was called hence.  To this happy union four children came to make the home complete, all of whom mourn the departure of a loving father.

Mr. Fiegenbaum was a man blessed with the happy faculty of seeing always the bright side of things in life, possessing a high optimism coupled with a keen sense of humor which enabled him and all with whom he came in contact over many dark days and made life happy and serene.  He seemed always to radiate good cheer where ever he was.  A friend and neighbor he proved to be to all.  From the beginning he was a consistent and faithful member of Zion Evangelical congregation at Mayview at various times in offices of trust and honor, and always showed himself a faithful steward.  A Christian of conviction himself he had the joy of seeing all of his children grow up to follow in his footsteps along the way that he himelf [sic] had found to be the safe and blessed way.

Suddenly on Tuesday, November 12, while engaged in the homely chores of the farm, God called him Home. 3   Humanly speaking he had many years of life before him yet, as he was only 67 years, 7 months and 27 days old.  But God's years are not counted as ours are, and in the judgment of the Father, his life's work was already finished.  His going out of this life is mourned by his widow who had shared life's joys and sorrow with him for thirty-six years, his three sons, Martin, John, and Edwin; one daughter, Emma Begemann, two daughters-in-law; eight grand children; two brothers, August and Frederick Fiegenbaum; and two sisters, Mrs. Winter of Thruxton [sic], Mo., 4  and Mrs. Vahrenberg of Mayview, 5  and other relatives and many friends.

The funeral was held Thursday at Zion Evangelical church at Mayview conducted by Rev. D. Buchmueller, the pastor, assisted by Rev. D. C. Jensen of Lexington.

Source: Obituary from an undated and unidentified newspaper, presumed to come from Lafayette County, Missouri; November 1929.

Notes for the Obituary

  1. Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum was baptized on 27 April 1862, as recorded in the archives of the Evangelical Church on Charrette at Holstein, Warren County, Missouri (known since 1957 as Immanuels United Church of Christ). His sponsor was Wilhelm Bierbaum.

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  2. His confirmation certificate declares that he was confirmed on 14 April 1876. His name on that document and in the confirmation register of the church was recorded as Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum. This differs from the order of his given names, Wilhelm Friedrich, which was used by his parents to record his birth in their family account, used in the church baptism register, used on his marriage licenses (one in English and one in German), and used in this obituary.

    Unless quoting a document which states otherwise, I have chosen to identify him in this web site and in the genealogy database as Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum.

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  3. Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum died in 1929 on the family farm, south of Mayview, Lafayette County, Missouri.

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  4. His older sister, Wilhelmine Louisa Fiegenbaum (1856-1937), married Heinrich Friedrich Christian Winter (1852-1942) on 20 October 1920. It was a second marriage for both of them. They lived at Truxton, Lincoln County, Missouri.

    Heinrich Friedrich Christian Winter had been married previously to Wilhelmine Florentine Fiegenbaum (1854-1919), an older sister to both Wilhelmine Louisa, Mr. Winter's second wife, and to Wilhelm Friedrich.

    Wilhelmine Louisa Fiegenbaum's first husband had been Hans Hermann August Starkebaum (1843-1900), an uncle to Henriette Caroline Amelia Starkebaum (1873-1960), who married Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum.

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  5. Wilhelm Friedrich's youngest sister, Martha Charlotte Fiegenbaum, married Julius Simon Vahrenberg in 1906.

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