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Hoflander Family



Cooper County, Missouri

The transcriptions on this page, selected from William Foreman Johnson, History of Cooper County Missouri (Topeka, Kansas: Historical Publishing Company, 1919), give a quick overview of the Hoflander family.

The book also has biographical material on a number of other families mentioned in these selections: Grathwohl, Koenig, Krohn, Mittlebach, and Stegner.

Paul Hoflander. — The late Paul Hoflander, who died at his country home near Billingsville, Jan. 18, 1897, was an industrious citizen who built up a fine farm and reared an excellent family.  He was born in Germany, Oct. 26, 1838.  He was a son of John Ernst Hoflander who was born June 5, 1804 at Grosgarnstadt, Sachsen-Coburg, Germany and died at Billingsville, Mo., Aug. 24, 1879.  He married Kunigunda Stegner, in Germany, 1829.  Kunigunda Stegner Hoflander was born Feb. 10, 1806, at Frohnloch, Saxon-Coburg, Germany, and died at Billingsville, March 19, 1891.

John Ernst Hoflander was a son of Heinrich Hoflander, a miller by trade who was born at the old home in Sachsen-Coburg, Germany.  He resided for many years in London, England and could speak and write the English language very fluently.  He married Kunigunde Ludwig, daughter of a surgeon.  He had one son, John Ernst Hoflander.

Nicholas Hoflander, father of Heinrich Hoflander, lived early in the 18th century in the old home of the family which was built in 1692.  He married Louisa Sabina Mechtold who was a skilled needle woman.

John Ernst Hoflander left Germany enroute to America Oct. 12, 1853 and arrived at Boonville, Mo., Feb. 26, 1854, after traveling by the ocean and river route by way of New Orleans.  He settled in what is now the Billingsville neighborhood and there lived the remainder of his days.  His children were:  Elizabeth Margarethe, born in Germany, July 30, 1830, married Jan. 7, 1855, at Boonville, to Frederick Mittelbach; Margarethe Barbara, born Aug. 9, 1836, married Timothy Grathwohl; Maria, born May 13, 1834, came to America May 19, 1853, married Christian Krohn who was killed at his home by guerrillas, Aug. 31, 1864; Paul Hoflander, of this review; and John George Hoflander.

Paul Hoflander was born Oct. 26, 1838 and died Jan. 18, 1896.  He came to America with his parents and settled in the Billingsville neighborhood.  He served for three years in the Union army during the Civil War, participating in several engagements in Missouri.  He built the present home of the family in 1871 and accumulated a fine farm of 150 acres.  He was a member of John A. Hayne Post, Grand Army of the Republic and was one of the builders of the first church erected at Billingsville by the Evangelical denomination.

On Nov. 7, 1869, Paul Hollander was married at Clear Creek, Cooper County, to Maria E. Quint, who bore him the following children:  Mary Elizabeth, born Jan., 1877, died Feb., 1877; Fannie Pauline, born March 29, 1878, died July 21, 1898; Christian Henry, born Dec. 7 1882; and Ethel Smith, a girl who was reared by Mr. and Mrs. Hoflander.  The mother of these children was born in Prussia, Germany, Jan. 15, 1847 and came to America with her parents in 1854.  She was a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Walge) Quint, early settlers of Cooper County.  Mrs. Hoflander has reared a nephew, Ernest Quint, an orphan boy whom she took in her home when three years of age.  Ernest Quint is a son of Ernest Quint and Bida (Ellis) Quint, the latter of whom was a daughter of Jacob Ellis.

Henry Hoflander is managing the home farm and has recently on Aug. 1, 1919 taken charge of the general store at Billingsville, having purchased the store in April, 1919.

Source: William Foreman Johnson, History of Cooper County Missouri (Topeka, Kansas: Historical Publishing Company, 1919), pages 1,164-1,165.

John George Hoflander, late well and favorably known resident of the Billingsville neighborhood, Cooper County, and veteran of the Civil War, was a native of Saxony Coburg, Germany.  Mr. Hoflander was born July 17, 1841 and died at his country home near Billingsville, March 6, 1915.

He was a son of John Ernst and Kunigunda (Stegner) Hoflander, natives of Germany, who immigrated to the United States and settled in Cooper County in 1853.

John George Hoflander was reared to young manhood on the Hoflander home place and was enrolled as a member of the Missouri State Guards during the Civil War.  He was detailed for guard duty to protect traffic along the Missouri River.

Mr. Hoflander was married at Pleasant Green, Mo., Jan. 15, 1880, to Elizabeth L. Back, born at Pleasant Green, Cooper County, Jan. 30, 1856.  She was a daughter of Philip and Doreathe Fredericka Back.  Mrs. Elizabeth Hoflander is one of two children, as follows:  Mrs. Elizabeth Hoflander; Mrs. Ernest Vogelpohl, Pilot Grove.

When George and Elizabeth Hoflander were married they settled on the old Hoflander home place, near Billingsville which Mr. Hoflander farmed successfully during his entire life.  This is a fine farm of 128 acres which is well improved and the soil of which is very productive.

The Hoflander children are:  Henry, born Oct. 28, 1880, and died Nov. 1, 1880; Marie Christine, born Sept. 11, 1881, at home; Caroline Henrietta was born March 2, 1885, at home; Marie Pauline, born March 2, 1885, was wife of the late Frank Wallje, is now at Sedalia, Mo.; Dorothea Elizabeth, born July 5, 1887, is wife of George Geiger, vicinity of Billingsville, Mo.; George Thomas, born Oct. 1 1889, at home; Laura Amelia, born Jan. 11, 1892, is wife of Oliver Koenig, near Prairie Lick, Cooper County, Mo.; Marie Magdaline, born Jan. 25, 1897, at home ; and Carl John, born Oct. 25, 1901, at home.

The late George Hoflander was one of the sterling and energetic citizens of Cooper County and was highly regarded in the community where he was born and reared. He was one of the builders of the Billingsville St. John's Evangelical Church and was a devout Christian, a kind husband and father. He was a republican but took little part in political affairs. It is such as he that assisted materially in upbuilding the Cooper County of today.

Source: William Foreman Johnson, History of Cooper County Missouri (Topeka, Kansas: Historical Publishing Company, 1919), pages 975-976.

Billingsville Evangelical Church.  The first meeting of the originators of this church was held in 1855 at the home of J. E. Hoflander.  Those taking part were as follows:  John E. Hoflander and wife, two sons, Joseph and Paul and two daughters, Mary and Barbara; John Peter Stegner and wife, one son, August, and two daughters, Mary and Christina; and John Paul Stegner and wife.  Mrs. Hoflander led in prayer and read the scriptures at this service while John Peter Stegner led the singing.

These meetings were held regularly on each Sunday until the Civil War.  Sunday services were resumed in 1866 and were held in the Oak Grov School building and were led twice a month by Father Greiner, who was at that time pastor of the Evangelical congregation of Boonville.

Frederick T. Kemper, founder of Kemper Military Academy conducted each Sunday, Sunday School services in which all the young people of the community took part.  A building was erected at Billingsville in 1879 at a cost of $1,100.  A parsonage building was built in 1895 and W. F. Herman was installed as the first legal pastor in 1896.  The present beautiful building was erected in 1916 at a cost of over $7,000 under the leadership of E. W. Berlekamp.

Source: William Foreman Johnson, History of Cooper County Missouri (Topeka, Kansas: Historical Publishing Company, 1919) page 274.

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