20 August 2010

Katherine Augusta (Etling) Mayer

1857 — 1908


1908 obituary for Katherine (Etling) Mayer
[St. Louis?] newspaper; 1908.  Courtesy of Charlotte M. (Gerber) Krejci.

A transcription:

_____________ Mayer,

geb. Etlinger [sic] geliebte Gattin von John Mayer, und unsere theure Mutter, Tochter und Schwester, ging ein zur ewigen Ruhe nach längerem Leiden am Montag, den 27. Januar 1908, um 8½ Uhr Morgens, im Alter von 50 Jahren, 10 Monaten und 10 Tagen.  Leichenbegägniß am Mittwoch, den 29. Januar, um 2 Uhr Nachmittags, von der Familien=Wohnung, 2819 Neotho Straße, zum St. Matthäus = Friedhof.  Verwandte und Freunde sind zur Theilnahnte eingeladen.  - Die tiefbetrübte Familie:

John Mayer, Gatte.
Marguerite Etlinger, Mutter.
Geo. Muehlemann, Sohn.
Fred. Muehlemann, Sohn.
Aug. Mayer, Sohn.
Charlotte Bowe, geb. Muehlemann, To[chter]
Lizzie Schmidt, geb. Mayer, Tochter
Charlotte Gerber, Schwester.
Lizzie Wende Schwester.
Emilie Beyer, Schwester.

A translation:

_____________ Mayer,

neé Etlinger [sic], beloved wife of John Mayer, and our cherished mother, daughter and sister, went to her eternal rest after lengthy suffering on Monday, the 27th January 1908, at 8:30 in the morning, at the age of 50 years, 10 months and 10 days.  Funeral on Wednesday, the 29th January, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, from the family dwelling, 2819 Neotho Street, to St. Matthew's Cemetery.  Relatives and friends are invited to take part.  - The deeply grieved family:

John Mayer, husband.
Marguerite Etlinger, mother.
Geo. Muehlemann, son.
Fred. Muehlemann, son.
Aug. Mayer, son.
Charlotte Bowe, neé Muehlemann, daughter
Lizzie Schmidt, neé Mayer, daughter
Charlotte Gerber, sister.
Lizzie Wende sister.
Emilie Beyer, sister.

memorial notice published in 1909 for Katherine (Etling) Mayer
[St. Louis?] newspaper; 1909.  Courtesy of Charlotte M. (Gerber) Krejci.

memorial notice published in 1913 for Katherine (Etling) Mayer
[St. Louis?] newspaper; 1913.  Courtesy of Charlotte M. (Gerber) Krejci.

In Memoriam.

In loving remembrance of our dear mother, Mrs. Catherine Mayer, who departed this life five years ago, Jan. 27, 1908.

Five years have passed, our hearts still sore.
And as time goes on we miss you more;
Her loving smile, her welcome face,
None can fill her vacant place.

Sadly missed by her


Brief Genealogy

Katherine August Etling's family

John Mühlemann's family

Details of the birth family of John Mühlemann (1853/54 - ? ) are not currently known.

The exact spelling of "John" Mühlemann's surname has not been resolved. Apart from the questions of using an umlaut or not (ü or ue) or a double or single 'n' (mann or man), the rest of the name has been subjected to interpretation in U.S. census returns, probate court documents, newspaper obituaries and state death certificates. Variations include: Mühlemann, Mühlmann, and Mülhemann (you may review the sources in our database). A definitive answer may no doubt require research at the family's place of origin in Switzerland. In the meantime, I have chosen to use Mühlemann.

Mühlemann - Etling family

Katherine's 1st marriage

John Mayer's family

Details of the birth family of John Mayer (1857-1924) are not currently known.

Mayer - Etling family

Katherine's 2nd marriage

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