7 January 2017

Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Nolte

1836 — 1914


Below, is a transcription of baptism entry Number 24 from a page of a baptismal register in the archives of the evangelical Lutheran church at Barver, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen ), Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland ). The transcription is followed by a translation.

On that particular page were recorded baptisms occuring at the church from 14 August to 23 October, 1836. At that time, Barver was part of the Kingdom of Hannover (Königreich Hannover ).

Each baptism entry is divided into three columns, reading from left to right across the page. The first and largest column, comprising the main part of the record, contains the names of the child, of the parents, and of sponsors or witnesses to the baptism. Two smaller columns followed. The first, headed "Tag der Geburt" provides the date and time of the birth. The second, headed "Tag der Taufe" gives the date of the baptism.

If I have read the baptism record correctly, Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Nolte, the legitimate son of Friedrich Franz Nolte and Anne Margrethe (Diekmann) Nolte, was born at 7 o'clock in the morning on 3 September 1836 and was baptized on 11 September 1836.

The Franz Heinrich Diekmann who is listed as one of the sponsors (Gevattern ) is very likely the child's maternal grandfather.

The second sponsor is not known to me.

I currently have no information about Nolte ancestors, but perhaps third sponsor, Louise Caroline Nolte, might be the child's grandparent or aunt.

Later in his adult years, the child was known as Wilhelm Franz Nolte. His German and English obituaries, published in 1914 in Lafayette County, Missouri, identified him as only Wilhelm, or William. William Nolte is the name carved on his gravestone. In the family database and in formal references on this web site, I have adopted the full name found in the baptism record.

Tag der Geburt Tag der Taufe
Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Nolte, ehel. 1  Sohn des [----]. 2  Heuerlings Frie-
            drich Franz Nolte  und  der Anne Margrethe  gebr. 3   Diekmann
    Gevattern:  1 Franz Heinrich Diekmann.  2 Friedr. Heinrich Bul-
          [k?]er und 3. Louise Caroline Nolte.
7 Uhr.
Day of Birth Day of Baptism
Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Nolte, legitimate son of the [----]. Heuerling 4  Frie-
            drich Franz Nolte  and   Anne Margrethe  neé  Diekmann
    Sponsors:  1 Franz Heinrich Diekmann.  2 Friedr. Heinrich Bul-
          [k?]er and 3. Louise Caroline Nolte.
7 o'clock.

Source: From a page of a baptism register for 14 August to 23 October, 1836 from the archives of the Evangelisch-lutherische Kirchengemeinde Barver. Transcription and translation by J. Mark Fiegenbaum.


  1. This is an abbreviation for the German word ehelich indicating that the child's parents were married.

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  2. I could not decipher this abbreviation.

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  3. This is an abbreviation for the German word geborne (born in English). It indicates a woman's surname at the time of her birth, often referred to in English as her maiden name. In my translation, I have used the equvalent French term, neé.

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  4. A Heuerling was a class of agricultural laborer who had rights to a piece of property, but did not own the land or the buildings on that land. The term tenant farmer is sometimes used as a translation, but this does not adequately convey the nature of an occupancy that developed out of feudal obligations. In exchange for the use of a farmstead and the ability to transfer that right to a designated heir, a Heuerling provided the owner of the property with designated material goods (animals, grain, produce) and forms of labor as well as certain fees at major life events - marriage onto a farmstead, license to leave a farmstead, death tax.

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