20 August 2010

Charles Wende

? — 1899

Application for Administration

Hon. W. W. Henderson, Judge of Probate Court,

The undersigned respectfully represents that Charles Wende died on or about the Third day of August, 1899, in this City, leaving surviving him the undersigned Lizzie Wende, his widow, Charles Wende, aged sixteen years six months, William Wende, aged fifteen years, Minnie Wende, aged thirteen years, and Arthur Wende, aged three years.  His estate consists of real estate valued at Fourteen hundred Dollars encumbered by a deed of trust for Eight hundred Dollars, and tools, household effects, etc., not exceeding Two hundred Dollars in value.  She hereby waives her right to administer on said estate, and requests that the Lincoln Trust Company be appointed administrator thereof.

St. Louis, August 21, 1899.

Lizzie Wende [signature]

Source: Charles Wende, 1899; Case No: 25124; St. Louis Probate Court; Microfilm reel C 42113; Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, Missouri, USA. Affidavit of Administration.

Digital version accessed on 1 July 2004 at the St. Louis Probate Court Digitization Project, 1802-1900.

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Brief Genealogy

Charles Wende's family

Details of the birth family of Charles Wende ( ? -1899) are not currently known.

Mary Schönweiss' family

Details of the birth family of Mary Schönweiss ( ? - ? ) are not currently known.

Wende - Schönweiss family

Charle Wende's 1st marriage

Elizabeth Margaretha Etling's family

Moeser - Etling family

Elizabeth Margaretha Etling's 1st marriage

Various pieces of data in U. S. census returns and family documents indicate that Elizabeth Margaret Etling's first marriage, probably on 17 March 1887, was to Louis C. Moeser, Maeser, or Meser, but I lack details at this time. A child, Louise or Louisa, commonly known by members of the family as Lulu, was born of this marriage in January 1888. Lulu later became the wife of Harry Streitz.

Wende - Etling family

Charle Wende's 2nd marriage

Elizabeth Margaretha Etling's 2nd marriage

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