15 October 2016


The Lay of the Land

This is an index of maps we use at this web site to illustrate our family history. They are organized into three broad categories:


North America


Missouri Department of Transportation

Lafayette County

St. Charles County

Warren County

South America

I am working of adding maps relevant to the family history in South America, specifically Brazil.


  1. Determining when this atlas was published is not easy. No date or reference to time was printed in the book itself.

    The bibliographic record for the copy held by the Library of Congress supposes the date of publication to be "[1920?]."

    In a copy of the atlas held by the Mid-Continent Public Library, at Independence, Missouri, the year '1928' has been added by hand after the publisher's information on the title page of the book. A digitized version of this particular copy of the book is available at Family History Books on the FamilySearch web site.

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