9 December 2012

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Lafayette County, Missouri

Township 49 North, Range 26 West

c. 1930

Lafayette County, Missouri; c.1930.  Township 49 North, Range 26 West.

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Township 49 North, Range 26 West
Lafayette County, Missouri; c.1930.

Source: Plat Book of Lafayette County, Missouri (Rockford, Illinois: W. W. Hixson & Company, 1930), page 23.

This plat map, from an atlas published in 1930, shows land ownership in Township 49 North Range 26 West in Lafayette County, Missouri. This survey township includes portions of both Washington and Davis Townships; the border between these two civil townships is the heavy, "hairy," vertical line in the middle of the map. U.S. Highway 40 can be seen running east-west through sections 31 to 36 at the bottom of the map. The city of Higginsville is bisected by the right margin of the map; the town of Mayview straddles the left margin.

The land marked W. Fiegenbaum in sections 31 & 32, just north of Highway 40, is no doubt the farm of Wilhelm Friedrich and Henrietta Caroline Amelia (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum, where they lived for their entire married life.

The property immediately north of Wilhelm and Henrietta is marked M. Starkebaum. This is probably a reference to Charlotte Wilhelmine Louise Starkebaum, Henriette C. A. (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum's sister. "Minna" or Minnie," as she was known, never married.

The farm immediately south of Wilhelm and Henrietta is assigned to A. Fiegenbaum. J. W. Fiegenbaum often identified to the owner as "Uncle August," but I am not sure exactly which family member this might be. According to J. W., his parents, John Henry and Katherine Margarete (Maun) Fiegenbaum, rented this property upon their return to Missouri from Oklahoma. Henry Martin Fiegenbaum, J. W.'s brother, was born here on 4 May 1930. In recounting his early life, J. W was often likely to refer to this farm as the "Brown place."

In the northeast corner of section 32 and extending into section 33 is land owned by M. & C. Fiegenbaum. This is no doubt a reference to Martin Herman and Clara Louise (Drewel) Fiegenbaum who married on 6 June 1917. Martin Herman Fiegenbaum was a son of Wilhelm F. and Henriette C. A. (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum.

To the east of the M. & C. Fiegenbaum land, in section 33, is a parcel owned by A. H. Begemann & wife. And, immediately north of that land is a parcel in section 28 belonging to A. & E. Begemann. I believe it is safe to say that the owners are August Henry and Emma Florentine (Fiegenbaum) Begemann. Emma Florentine (Fiegenbaum) Begemann was the daughter of Wilhelm F. and Henriette C. A. (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum.

Two properies north of M. & C. Fiegenbaum's land is the farm of F. H. Sanders. I believed this is the farm that became home to the John H. and Katie (Maun) Fiegenbaum family after they moved from the "Brown place,". According to J. W. Fiegenbaum, the family lived here from 1931 until about the autumn of 1935, when they moved to the vacant home on the former M. & C. Fiegenbaum land.

A more complete account to these properties may be found on the page describing the Fiegenbaum – Starkebaum farm.