3 February 2013

Warren County, Missouri

Township 45 North, Range 1 West


a survey map of a portion of Warren County, Missouri to the west and north of Marthasville
Warren County, Missouri; 1877.  Township 45 North, Range 1 West.

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Warren County, Missouri; 1877
Township 45 North, Range 1 West

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Warren County, Missouri, compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys by Edwards Brothers, of Missouri. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Edwards Brothers, of Missouri, 1877), page 13.

This map, from an atlas published in 1877, shows land ownership in Township 45 North, Range 1 West in Warren County, Missouri. This survey township is located in the eastern portion of the civil township of Charrette where it borders St. Charles County. The southeastern portion of the civil township falls within a different survey township and appears in a separate map (Township 44 North, Range 1 West) in this atlas. Refer to the map for the entire county to place this map in context.

The town of Marthasville is located in the lower left of this map.

To the northeast, in section 23, is "Missouri Evangelical College." This educational institution began as Das Deutsche Evangelische Predigerseminar (German Evangelical Preachers Seminary), established by the German Evangelical Church to prepare pastors for their work on the North American frontier. In 1855 it was incorporated as the German Evangelical Missouri College. Eventually the college relocated to Wesbter Groves, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis, and is known today as Eden Theological Seminary, a graduate school of the United Church of Christ.

In the middle of Section 24 you will notice 200 acres belonging to H. H. Bierbaum. And, if you look carefully, you will notice next to the road a note about Steam Saw & Grist Mill. A very brief history of this establishment is part of a biographical sketch of Hermann Heinrich Bierbaum in the Documents section of this web site.