3 February 2013

Warren County, Missouri

Township 45 North, Range 2 West


survey map of southwestern Charrette Township, including Holstein and Hopewell Academy
Warren County, Missouri; 1877.  Township 45 North, Range 26 West.

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Warren County, Missouri; 1877
Township 45 North, Range 2 West

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Warren County, Missouri, compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys by Edwards Brothers, of Missouri. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Edwards Brothers, of Missouri, 1877), page 27.

This map, from an atlas published in 1877, shows land ownership in Township 45 North, Range 2 West in Warren County, Missouri. This survey township is located in the southwestern corner of the civil township of Charrette. The southern border is the Missouri River. The villages of Holstein and Hopewell Academy lie within the township (refer to the map for the entire county to place this map in context).

H. Feigenbaum [sic] owns land in the upper left corner, Sections 5 & 6. His immediate neighbors include W. H. Bierbaum, J. Howard, J. Boumel, H. Bierbaum, and E. W. Oberhellmann. Nearby are the farms of H. Aufderhaars, H. Begemann, G. Hackmann, W. Schoppenhorst, Sr., W. Hennefeldt, and H. Schowengerdt. The H. Feigenbaum listed on the map may well be Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum.

Take a closer look at Hopewell Academy in Section 4. The map shows a school, a "German Church", and 2 stores, one of which serves as a post office. I believe the church at Hopewell Academy was part of the German Methodist Episcopal Church.

The village of Holstein is in Section 17, but the German Evangelical Church on Charrette, which the Fiegenbaum family attended, is not highlighted on this map.

Township 45 North, Range 3 West on page 31 of the atlas shows the southern portion of Pinkney Township, just west of Charrette Township, with insets detailing Holstein, Marthasville, and Pendleton. The detail for Holstein shows the village bordered by Hopewell Road, Miller Landing Road and Pinkney Road. The church, identified as the German Lutheran Church, an earlier name for the congregation, and a school house are also marked.

Spellings on this map show some peculiarities. This may reflect inaccuracies in the underlying county land titles, or difficulty with interpreting penmanship in those documents, or simply less than diligent work in the production of this publication. Apart from the error with Feigenbaum, Schowengerdt is also spelled Schowengerst; Aufderhaar becomes Aufderhaars and Aufderhor; the two instances of Bruggenjohnson should probably be Bruggenjohann; Uthlant should probably be Uthlaut.