3 February 2013

Warren County, Missouri

Township 46 North, Range 2 West


survey map showing northwestern Charrette Township & southeastern Elkhorn Township in Warren County, Missouri in 1877
Warren County, Missouri; 1877.  Township 46 North, Range 2 West

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Warren County, Missouri; 1877
Township 46 North, Range 2 West

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Warren County, Missouri, compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys by Edwards Brothers, of Missouri. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Edwards Brothers, of Missouri, 1877), page 26.

This map, from an atlas published in 1877, shows land ownership in Township 46 North, Range 2 West in Warren County, Missouri. This survey township comprises a portion of two civil townships: the southeastern portion of Elkhorn Township (south of Warrenton and Truesdale) and the northwestern portion of Charrette Township (north of Hopewell Academy). The boundary between these two civil townships is the border in this map between Sections 7-12 (in Elkhorn Township) and Sections 13-18 (in Charrette Township). Refer to the map for the entire county from this atlas to place this map in context.

H. Storkeboum [sic] owns land in the lower left portion of this map, in Section 28. I believe this may be the home of the Heinrich Friedrich L. and Johanne Henriette Luise (Riechers) Starkebaum family. Both emigrated from the Principality of Lippe in the late 1860s and married in Warren County in 1870; they were the parents of ten children. Their second child, Henriette Caroline Amelia Starkebaum, was born in Warren County in February 1873 and was baptized in the Lippstadt Gemeinde in March. I believe that this small church is shown on this map in Section 9. Nowadays, it is found about 85 feet east off State Highway 47 about 4.5 miles south of Warrenton, Missouri.

Minutes for a meeting of the congregation of Evangelische Salems Kirche (Salem Evangelical Church) at Higginsville, Lafayette County, Missouri, on 14 February 1879 show that the Starkebaum-Riechers family was admitted as members of the church, providing an approximate date for the family's relocation to western Missouri.

Henriette Caroline Amelia Starkebaum was confirmed on 3 April 1887 by Rev. Heinrich Höfer of Evangelische Salems Kirche.

Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum was born on 15 March 1862 in Warren County, Missouri. His father, Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum, was 18 years old when he emigrated in 1841 with at least 13 members of his extended family from Ladbergen, a small agricultural community in the Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia. His mother, Wilhelmine Florentine Charlotte Wehrmann, was born in Almena, the Prinicipality of Lippe and emigrated to Missouri in 1851 around the age of 17 years. She and Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum were married in the German Evangelical Church on Charrette in 1853 at Holstein, Warren County, Missouri. They were the parents of 12 children; Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum was the fifth. Records of the births, baptisms, confirmations, and in some cases, early deaths, of their children may be found in the archives of the church at Holstein.

This same atlas that shows the Starkebaum family living near the southern edge of Township 46 North, Range 2 West finds the family of H. Feigenbaum [sic] residing a few miles south, near the northern edge of Township 45 North, Range 2 West (Section 4-5). Both families are located in the civil township of Charrette.

At some point between 1880 and 1890, Hermann and Florentine Fiegenbaum and their younger, unmarried children also moved west to Lafayette County, Missouri and settled between Higginsville and Mayview. They became members of Zion Evangelical Church at Mayview.

On 19 October 1893, Rev. H. F. Hoefer, pastor of "Salems Church," at Higginsville, Missouri, signed the marriage license confirming that he had united Henriette Caroline Amelia Starkebaum and Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum in holy matrimony. The couple settled on a farm south of Mayview and became the parents of four children: