3 February 2013

Warren County, Missouri

Township 49 North, Range 3 West


survey map showing the far northern part of Camp Branch Township. in Warren County, Missouri in 1877
Warren County, Missouri; 1877,  Township 49 North, Range 3 West

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Warren County, Missouri; 1877
Township 49 North, Range 3 West; a portion of Camp Branch Township

Source: An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Warren County, Missouri, compiled, drawn and published from personal examinations and surveys by Edwards Brothers, of Missouri. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Edwards Brothers, of Missouri, 1877), page 43.

This map, from part of a page in an atlas published in 1877, shows land ownership in the survey Township 49 North, Range 3 West located in Warren County, Missouri. The remainder of this township falls within other political divisions. This map comprises the most northern portion of the civil Camp Branch Township. Refer to the map for the entire county to place these maps in their larger context.

The northern and eastern borders of this map abut Lincoln County; the western border abuts Montgomery County; and the southern border touches on Township 48 North, Range 3 West, another part of Camp Branch Township.

Straddling the border between Sections 25 & 26 is land identified as belonging to "Mrs. C. Weltrmann." I suspect that the surname is misspelled. It seems likely that this should be "Wehrmann", as with the neighboring property, but I have not confirmed this.