20 August 2010

The Bark Leontine

Baltimore, Maryland on 28 June 1841

The Aufderhaar Family

This is a detail from the passenger list of the bark Leontine which departed Bremen, Germany and arrived at Baltimore, Maryland on 28 June 1841. Highlighted here are the entries for the Aufderhaar family on lines 28-32, page 1.

portion of the passenger list listing the Aufderhaar family
The Aufderhaar family entries in the passenger list.
  Name Age Occupation Where from Where bound Bagage
Boxs Bags
28 Herrman auf der Haar 32 farmer Ladbergen St. Louis 3 2
29 Elisabeth auf der Haar 29 his Wife Ladbergen St. Louis
30 Wilhelm auf der Haar 8 his Son Ladbergen St. Louis
31 Elisabeth auf der Haar 4 his Daughter Ladbergen St. Louis
32 Christine auf der Haar his Daughter Ladbergen St. Louis

Source: Ancestry.com. Baltimore Passenger and Immigration Lists, 1820-1872 [database online]. Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2004. Original data: Baltimore, Maryland. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, 1820-1891. Micropublication M255, rolls #1-19. National Archives, Washington, D.C.

In my transcription of the passenger list, I have made an effort to copy everything exactly as I judged it was spelled in the original, even obvious mistakes, and have maintained the author's use of upper and lower case letters. Where the author of the original document had used do or "  to indicate the repetition of the same text from a previous entry, I have provided that text in full. For instance, for Herrman [sic] on line 28, I have provided farmer for his Occupation and Ladbergen for Where from.

A possible alternative transcription of this family's surname as it appears in this list might be aaf der Haar. In the Ancestry.com index, as it appeared between January and June, 2006, the surname was transcribed as Aafderhaas, which I believe is not a correct reading of the handwriting.

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Aufderhaar (1809-1882), his wife, Anna Elisabeth (Fiegenbaum) Aufderhaar (1811-1884), and their children, Heinrich Wilhelm Aufderhaar (1832-1877), Marie Elisabeth Aufderhaar (1836- ? ) and Christine Elisabeth Aufderhaar (1839-1907) were not alone in their voyage to America on the Leontine.

The Aufderhaar's were part of a group of at least 13 members of an extended family group that included two other surnames - the Fiegenbaums and the Bierbaums.

Those identified as Fiegenbaums in the list included Anna Elisabeth (Fiegenbaum) Aufderhaar's parents, Johann Heinrich Fiegenbaum (1788-1861 - age 53) and Catharina Elisabeth (Hagen) Fiegenbaum (1786-1853) - age 54), as well as two of her younger, unmarried siblings: Christina Elisabeth Fiegenbaum (1819-1896 - who turned 22 years old 10 days before arriving at Baltimore) and Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum (1823-1898 - age 18).

The family identified in the list as the Bierbaums were Anna Christine Elsabein (Fiegenbaum) Bierbaum (1815-1894 - age 26), second-born child of Johann Heinrich & Catharina Elisabeth (Hagen) Fiegenbaum; her husband, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Bierbaum (1812-1872 - age 28); their infant son, Heinrich Wilhelm Bierbaum (May 1840- ? - age 1 year); and Sophia Bierbaum, Johann's sister (age 18 according to the passenger list).

All three families left the village of Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, Kingdom of Prussia for a new life in the United States. They settled west of St. Louis, Missouri, in Warren County, among a growing community of newcomers from the same area of north-west Germany.

Of the 102 persons listed as passengers on the bark Leontine, 56 were identified as former residents of Ladbergen, and a number of others had come from nearby towns.