30 May 2014

George B. Addicks

1854 — 1910

photographic portrait of George B. Addicks

Geo. B. Addicks

Source: Jubiläumsbuch der St. Louis Deutschen Konferenz, edited E. C. Magaret, Friedrich Munz, Geo. B. Addicks (Cincinnati, Ohio: Printed by Jennings & Graham for the Conference, [1905?]); page 71.

This photo may have been taken a number of years before the publicaton in about 1905 of the Jubiläumsbuch der St. Louis Deutschen Konferenz. On page 62 of the same book is a collection of 21 small portraits With the cursor on the image, click the "Maximize" icon maximize icon if visible in the lower-right corner to view full size. Teachers & Assistant Teachers of Central Wesleyan College and Theological Seminary.
• George B. Addicks is shown in photo 1.
• Photo 13: Charles Louis Wellemeyer (1870-1946), a brother to George's second wife, Mary Wilhelmine Wellemeyer.
• Photo 17: A. W. Ebeling attended George Addicks at the time of his death in January 1910.
of the faculty of Central Wesleyan-Kollegium und Theologisches Seminar. Rev. Dr. George B. Addicks appears in the same pose as in this photo, but he seems to be somewhat more mature, in keeping with a man of about 51 years old. As one of his obituaries noted, in 1909 George had overworked himself to the point of ill health and had been granted a year's leave of absence. He died on 31 January 1910. According to his death certificate, the cause of death was myelitis, from which he suffered for three years. Dr. Albert William Ebeling, a science professor on the faculty of Central Wesleyan College, attended George during the last weeks of his life and signed his death certificate in March 1910.

photographic portrait of Rev. Dr. George B. Addicks
The Pulse (Central Weslyan College: Warrenton, Missouri, 1907)

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Photographic portrait of Rev. Dr. George B. Addicks published in 1907 in the Central Weslyan College yearbook, The Pulse.

Geo. B. Addicks, A. M., D. D., President,
W. F. & F. G. Niedringhaus-Professor.

Source: The Pulse, 1907, J. Franklin Hass, editor in chief, (Warrenton, Missouri: the Senior Class of Central Wesleyan College; printed by Missouri Printing and Publishing Company (Mexico, Missouri), 1907), page [unnumbered; 6?].

Access to The Pulse courtesy of Central Wesleyan College Archives Digital Collection, Special Collections Department, Pickler Memorial Library, Truman State University (Kirksville, Missouri).

This photo was published in 1907 in The Pulse, the yearbook of Central Wesleyan College at Warrenton, Missouri.

Rev. Dr. Addicks had attended the college, receiving an A. B. degree in 1875 and an A. M. degree in 1880. He was awarded a D. D. degree in 1899 by German Wallace College of Berea, Ohio.

In addition to his service as a pastor in the German Methodist Episcopal Church, Addicks taught in the Preparatory Department of Central Wesleyan College in 1875-76. From 1878 to 1885 he taught German language and literature at Iowa Wesleyan University and at the German College, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. In 1890 he was appointed Niedringhaus Professor of Practical Theology and Philosophy at Central Wesleyan College. He served as president of the college from 1890 until his death early in 1910.

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