2 December 2012

August Henry Begemann


Emma Florentine Fiegenbaum

Wedding Photo?

photo of August Henry and Emma Florentine (Fiegenbaum) Begemann
Missouri; c.1918?  From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family; all rights reserved.

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August Henry & Emma Florentine (Fiegenbaum) Begemann

This photo is believed to have been taken at the time Emma Florentine Fiegenbaum, daughter of Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum and Henriette Caroline Amelia Starkebaum, and August Henry Begemann, son of Karl August Begemann and Wilhelmine Wehking, were married by Rev. Th. Berlekamp on 6 March 1918 at Zion Evangelical Church, Mayview, Missouri.

The "Enlarged" version of the photo shows a bit more of the house behind August and Emma. I believe that it is reasonable to match that front corner of the building to the dwelling which existed on the Fiegenbaum-Starkebaum farm after 1914 in the area of "Fortyville," south of Mayview, in Lafayette County, Missouri.

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