22 November 2012

Mathilda "Tillie" Brockmeyer

1866 — 1949

photographic portrait of Mathilda Brockmeyer
St. Louis, Missouri. Date?  From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family; all rights reserved.

Mathilda Brockmeyer, 1866-1949

Mathilda was a sister to Carl August Brockmeyer (1861-1948) and an aunt to Charlotte Caroline Christine Brockmeyer (1891-1981). Tillie never married.

The photo was taken at the Louisiana Studio, 1226 South Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri. The exact date is not known.

This Mathilda should not be confused with her niece, Mathilda H. "Tillie" Brockmeyer (1905-1983), who married Julius A. Meyers.

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