21 June 2014

Some Fiegenbaums

Edwardsville, Illinois

some of the Fiegenbaum men from Illinois, 1965
Edwardsville, Illinois; 1965.  Permission of Harriet Fiegenbaum & Judith Miller; all rights reserved.

This photograph shows some members of the Fiegenbaum men from Illinois who had gathered at Woodlawn Cemetery at Edwardsville, Illinois in September 1965 for the funeral of Otto August Fiegenbaum (1881-1965).

Front row (left to right):
Norman Charles Fiegenbaum (1917-2014); Eugene D. Fiegenbaum (1912-1971); Charles Henry Fiegenbaum (1886-1970); Bruce Otto Fiegenbaum (1907-1991).
Back Row (left to right):
Edward W. Fiegenbaum (1927-1966); Elmer Henry Fiegenbaum (1907-1980); Edward L. Sooy (1910-2011); Arthur Fiegenbaum (1904-1983).

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