30 March 2013

Rev. J. W. Fiegenbaum


Dorothy May Gerber

Family Photos

J. W. and Dorothy (Gerber) Fiegenbaum family standing outside the front of the home of John and Katherine (Maun) Fiegenbaum, in Lafayette County, Missouri
Lafayette County, Missouri; 1963.  From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family; all rights reserved.

In their Sunday best

Front row, left to right: Mark, Eric and Karen.

Back row, left to right: J. W. and Dorothy May (Gerber) Fiegenbaum.

This photo was taken at the former home of John Henry and Katherine Margarete (Maun) Fiegenbaum, south of Mayview, Lafayette County, Missouri. The farm was purchased in 1989 by the Missouri Department of Conservation and developed as the Maple Leaf Lake Conservation Area.

photograph of the J. W. & Dorothy (Gerber) Fiegenbaum family in downtown Amherst, Massachusetts in 1986
Amherst, Massachusetts; 1986.  From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family; all rights reserved.

A Fiegenbaum family outing in Amherst
J. W., Karen, Dorothy, Eric, and Mark

Brief Genealogy

J. W. Fiegenbaum's family

Dorothy May Gerber's family

Fiegenbaum - Gerber family

J. W.'s 1st marriage

Patricia (Hannigan) Keyes' family

Francis L. Correia's family

Details of the birth family of Francis L. Correia (1940-2000) are not currently known.

Correia - Hannigan family

Patricia's 1st marriage

Fiegenbaum - Keyes family

J. W.'s & Patricia's 2nd marriages

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