30 July 2011

Adolph Heinrich Fiegenbaum


Christine Elisabeth Peterjohann

Their Grown Children

photograph of the grown children of Adolph and Christine Fiegenbaum
Date and place unknown.  Photo from Arthur Wellemeyer, Fiegenbaum, Wellemeyer (Klemme, Iowa: A. Wellemeyer, 1955) page 9.  Permission of Eric Hanson, and F. Gretchen (Klein) Leneerts; all rights reserved.

Grown children of Adolph Heinrich & Christine Elisabeth (Peterjohann) Fiegenbaum

Front row, sitting left to right:
Heinrich Hermann Fiegenbaum; Maria Wilhelmina (Fiegenbaum) Winter; Catherine (or Christine) Elisabeth (Fiegenbaum) Wellemeyer.
Back row, standing left to right:
Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum; Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum; Heinrich Rudolph Fiegenbaum.

The four brothers became ministers in the German Methodist Episcopal Church and the two sisters were married to ministers of that same denomination.

The family's history was briefly recounted in an article published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on Sunday, 26 June 1898. Maria Wilhelmine (Fiegenbaum) Winter composed an autobiographical essay near the end of her life. See also the memoirs and biographical sketches of Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum, the life stories of Heinrich Hermann Fiegenbaum, and a statement written by Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum.

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