30 July 2011

Bruce Otto Fiegenbaum


Paul George Fiegenbaum

about 1908

studio photographic portrait of Bruce and Paul Fiegenbaum as young children
Edwardsville, Illinois; c.1908.  Permission of Harriet Fiegenbaum & Judith Miller; all rights reserved.

Bruce Otto Fiegenbaum & Paul George Fiegenbaum
Edwardsville, Illinois.

Bruce and Paul were brothers, the sons of George Edward Fiegenbaum (1876-1910) and Margaret Dippold (1877-1957). At the time this photo was made, they would have been about 1 and 2 years of age.

Brief Genealogy

George Edward Fiegenbaum's family

His father's 1st marriage

His father's 2nd marriage

Margaret Dippold's family

Fiegenbaum - Dippold family

Fiegenbaum - Burwell family

Paul George Fiegenbaum's 1st marriage

Fiegenbaum - Gremlin family

Paul George Fiegenbaum's 2nd marriage

Fiegenbaum - Sullins family

Bruce Otto Fiegenbaum's marriage

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