20 August 2010

Rev. Heinrich Hermann Fiegenbaum

1821 — 1905

photographic portrait of Rev. Heinrich Hermann Fiegenbaum

Heinrich Fiegenbaum

Source: Otto E. Kriege, Gustav Beker, Matthäus Herrmann, and T. L Körner, Souvenir der West Deutschen Konferenz der Bischöflichen Methodistenkirche (s.l.: the Conference, 1906), page 236.

This photo accompanied a brief memorial biographical sketch of Heinrich's life and career in the German Methodist Episcopal Church across a good deal of the middle western states of the USA.

Throughout his adult life, newspaper articles, biographical sketches, references in the literature of Methodist Church and other published accounts nearly always identified him as Heinrich or Henry. His second given name, Herman, hardly every appears.

photographic portrait of Rev. Heinrich Hermann Fiegenbaum

Rev. Henry Fiegenbaum

Source: Morton, J. Sterling, and Albert Watkins, History of Nebraska From the Earliest Explorations of the Trans-Mississippi Region, revised edition, edited and revised by Augustus Orloff Thomas, James Alexander Beattie, and Arthur Cooper Wakeley (Lincoln, Nebraska: Western Publishing and Engraving Company, 1918), page 782.

I believe this photo is borrowed from the portrait of both Heinrich Hermann and Clara Catherine (Kastenbudt) Fiegenbaum used in 1897 to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

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