22 June 2014

Henriette Caroline Amelia (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum


Emma Florentine Fiegenbaum

Mother & Daughter

Henriette and Emma Fiegenbaum
Lafayette County, Missouri; before 1914.  Permission of Irene Henrietta Wilhelmine (Begemann) Knehans; all rights reserved.

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Henriette Caroline Amelia (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum & Emma Florentine Fiegenbaum.

Henriette Caroline Amelia (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum
& her daughter, Emma Florentine Fiegenbaum.

I believe this photograph was taken at the Fiegenbaum — Starkebaum Farm in the neighborhood known as "Fortyville," south of the town of Mayview, Missouri. It seems that Henrietta and Emma were standing in front of their house.

The two steps up to the front porch, the square posts supporting the porch roof and the fact that the house window appears to be outside the porch leads me to believe that this was the house which existed on the farm prior to 1914.

After that date, a new house was built. The front porch was higher off the ground, much larger, and enclosed the windows. The porch posts were not slender square posts but round colums.

These assumptions and observations leads me to believe that this photographic was made before 1914.

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Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum's family

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