25 January 2015

Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum

1824 — 1906

photographic portrait of a young Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum
Place?; date?  Permission of Harriet L. Fiegenbaum & Judith (Fiegenbaum) Miller; all rights reserved.

Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum in middle age
Quincy, Illinois; about 1880?  Permission of Thomas G. Allen; all rights reserved.

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Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum,
pastor in the German Methodist Episcopal Church

Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum,
pastor in the German Methodist Episcopal Church

Throughout his adult life, published sources, especially those associated with the German Methodist Episcopal Church, tended to identified him as Wilhelm or William.

an older Rev. Hermann Wilhelm Fiegenbaum

W. Fiegenbaum

Source: Jubiläumsbuch der St. Louis Deutschen Konferenz, edited by E. C. Magaret, Friedrich Munz, and Geo. B. Addicks (Cincinnati, Ohio: Jennings und Graham, [1905?]); page 392.

This photographic portrait accompanied a very spare autobiographical note Wilhelm supplied for a book published by the Methodist Church in about 1905, but I am of the opinion that the photo actually dates from an earlier period. For the book, Wilhelm wrote in part:

Four years ago my wife and I were able to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary.  …  My wife and I are old and frail, and thus, world-weary, but we are blessed by God….  Obsolete and decrepit, a superannuated preacher in his eightieth year, I am now sitting at home in the corner, but all is well.

When compared with the portrait of Wilhelm and Sophia (Gusewelle) Fiegenbaum on a card celebrating their 50th wedding annivsary in 1899, it strikes me that the Wilhelm shown here is not yet the hollow husk of his former self.

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