30 July 2011

Martha Charlotte Fiegenbaum

1878 — 1948

studio portrait of Martha Charlotte Fiegenbaum
At Higginsville, Missouri; date?  From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family; all rights reserved.

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Martha Charlotte Fiegenbaum

Martha Charlotte Fiegenbaum

Martha Charlotte was the youngest of 12 children born to Hermann Heinrich and Wilhelmine Florentine Charlotte (Wehrmann) Fiegenbaum. Her birth and baptism were recorded in the archives of the German Evangelical Church on Charrette in Holstein, Warren County, Missouri (known since 1957 as Immanuels United Church of Christ).

Sometime between 1880 and 1890 Hermann Heinrich, Florentine, and those children still living at home, moved from Warren County to Lafayette County, Missouri. They appear to have settled on a farm a few miles directly west of Higginsville.

In 1906, Martha Charlotte and Julius Simon Vahrenberg were married in Lafayette County, Missouri and became the parents of five children.

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