2 February 2015

Minna A. (or C.) (Barnsback) Gillespie

about 1834 — 1888

photographic studio portrait of Minna (Barnsback) Gillepie
Madison County, Illinois?; date?  Permission of Thomas G. Allen; all rights reserved.

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Minna A. (or C.) (Barnsback) Gillespie

Minna A. (or C.) (Barnsback) Gillespie

In many source materials, this woman was identified as Minna A. Barnsback. However, there are occasions when her given names were reported to be Minna C. This discrepancy is reported more fully on the web page for her funeral notice.

The spelling of the Barnsback family name underwent changes as the family have settled into the culture of 19th century America. The reasons for and nature of those changes was outlined in a biographical sketch of Minna's brother, Henry Clay Barnsback, published in 1887.

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Minna A. (or C.) Barnsback's family

David Gillespie's family

His father's 1st marriage

His father's 2nd marriage

Gillespie - Barnsback family

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