12 January 2013

Rev. Peter Hellweg

1817 — 1897

published portrait of Rev. Peter Hellweg
Place? Before 1897.

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Rev. Peter Hellweg

Peter Hellweg

This portrait was published in 1913 in E. W. Henke, W. H. Rolfing, Friedrich Schaub, L. J. Brenner, and J. F. Hartke, Die Nordwest Deutsche Konferenz der Bischöflichen Methodistenkirche: Geschichtlich, Sachlich und Biographisch Geschildert (Charles City, Iowa: The Conference, 1913) to accompany a biographical sketch (pages 72-74) of Rev. Hellweg.

The family surname has a variety of spellings in the source materials I have encountered: Helweg, Hellweg, Helwig, Hellwig, Hillweg. I believe Hellweg is a more accurate reflection of its northwest German origins.

In North America during the course of the late 19th and early 20th century there was a feeling among some in the family, especially as they became more distant from their German language roots, that spelling the surname Hell... might give offence in some circles and there was a conscious decision to substitute Hillweg.

Brief Genealogy

Peter Hellweg's family

I currently have no information about Peter's birth family.

Martha Danker's family

I currently have no information about Martha's birth family.

Hellweg - Danker family

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