1 January 2015

Byron Henry Nolte


Ardith Emma Knapheide

Family Photos

portrait of the extended family of Byron H. and Ardith E. (Knapheide) Nolte
Ohio; December 2014.  Permission of Nolte-Knapheide family; all rights reserved.

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Byron H. and Ardith E. (Knapheide) Nolte and family

Byron H. and Ardith E. (Knapheide) Nolte and family

Front Row, left to right: Byron H. Nolte; Ardith E. Nolte; Jan L. (Nolte) Ruma; and Ann M. (Nolte) Albers, with Rudy.

Back Row, left to right: Peter N. Ruma; Nicholas X. Ruma; Monica L. Ruma; Mark L. Albers; Nicholas P. Albers; and Christopher J. Albers.

Brief Genealogy

Byron Henry Nolte's family

Ardith Emma Knapheide's family

Nolte - Knapheide family

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