30 July 2011

Johanne Henrietta Luise Riechers

1850 — 1893

photographic portrait of Johanne Henrietta Luise Riechers
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Johanne Henrietta Luise Riechers

Johanne Henrietta Luise Riechers was born on 20 June 1850 and baptized on 23 June at Alverdissen, Principality of Lippe (Fürstentum Lippe; often called Lippe Detmold ), the daughter of Johann Heinrich Friederich C. Riechers and his second wife, Hanne Wilhelmine Amalie Höllander.

Carolyn Fieker reports that Johanne applied for emigration to America in the Spring of 1869. It is not known at this time if other members of the family made the trip with her.

She and Heinrich Friederich L. Starkebaum appear to have married in Warren County, Missouri on 19 January 1870. Some researchers report the wedding took place at the Lippstadt Gemeinde (Lippstadt Deutsche Evangelische Kirche ), a few mile south of Warrenton. Four children were born to them in Warren County; one son died while in infancy.

In the minutes of a 14 February 1879 meeting of Evangelische Salems Kirche (Salem Evangelical Church; known since 1957 as Salem United Church of Christ ) at Higginsville, Lafayette County, Missouri, Heinrich and Henrietta Starkebaum are listed as one of two new families joining the church. They became the parents of six more children while residing in Lafayette County.

According to her obituary, Henriette (as she was called) died of a heart attack on Sunday, January 8, 1893, two days after giving birth to twin sons. It stated that she was 42½ years old and was survived by her husband and 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls. One of the twin sons, Benjamin L. Starkebaum, died in June of that same year.

She was buried on 11 January in Salem Evangelical Church cemetery at Higginsville.

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