12 January 2013


North Rhine-Westphalia

Federal Republic of Germany

panoramic photo of Sonneborn, Federal Republic of Germany
Sonneborn, BRD; October 2012.  Permission of Brigitte & Carsten Derlien; all rights reserved.

Sonneborn, Federal Republic of Germany

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Sonneborn is a town in Kreis Lippe, Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (State of North Rhine-Westphalia), Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany).

A number of families associated with the genealogy outlined on this web site have connections to this village in northwestern Germany, formerly located in Fürstentum Lippe (Principality Lippe): Dirksmeier, Heuer, Kleinsorge, Krugmeier, Meier, Niere, Starkebaum, & Strate to name a few.

In the 19th century, three sons of Heinrich Herman Starkebaum (1800-1865) and his wife, Elisabeth Ridder (1800-1872), left their home in House No. 47 and immigrated to the USA. This house still stands.

More pictures of Sonneborn are available in the photo album.