30 July 2011

Anna Charlotte Springmeyer

1895 — 1927

photographic studio portrait of Anna Charlotte Springmeyer

Anna Charlotte Springmeyer

photograph of Anna and Edna Springmeyer

Anna Charlotte Springmeyer and her sister, Edna Springmeyer

Photos courtesy of Yvonne Schaefer; all rights reserved.

Anna Charlotte Springmeyer, the daughter of Frank and Lena (Binhammer) Springmeyer, was born at St. Louis, Missouri in 1895. An obituary and her death certificate report that her birth was on 15 March; her confirmation certificate of 4 April 1909 from Evangelische St. Pauls Kirche gives the birth date as 15 May.

Anna married Eugene Adolph Gerber on 15 November 1919 in St. Paul's Evangelical Church at St. Louis. They resided at 3116 Iowa Avenue.

A daughter, Arlaine L. Gerber, was born on 23 September 1920. She died on 18 May 1921 after a four month bout of "marasmus (luetica)." Arlaine was buried in New St. Marcus Cemetery, at St. Louis.

Anna died from chronic pulmonary tuberculosis at 4:15 a.m. on 18 January 1927, at Mount St. Rose Sanatorium, Carondelet Township, St. Louis County, Missouri. William Schumacher, of 3013 Meramec Street, was in charge of the funeral. Anna was buried on 22 January 1927 in New St. Marcus Cemetery, next to her daughter, Arlaine.

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