16 February 2013

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Heinrich Hermann Friedrich Starkebaum


Karoline Christine Luise Niere

Family Photo

photographic portrait of Heinrich Hermann F. & Karoline C. Luise (Niere) Starkebaum family
Sonneborn, Principality of Lippe; about 1913.  Permission of Gerhard Meier family; all rights reserved.

Starkebaum – Niere family

From left to right: Wilhelmine "Minna" Karoline Luise Starkebaum, standing next to her grandfather; Heinrich Hermann Starkebaum (seated, with hands clasped); Heinrich Hermann Friedrich Konrad Starkebaum (standing); Karoline "Lina" Christine Auguste Dorothee Justine Starkebaum (standing); Karoline Christine Luise (Niere) Starkebaum, holding her youngest child, Heinrich Starkebaum.

Heinrich Hermann Starkebaum (1834-1922), the older gentleman seated on the left in this picture, was the fifth child born to Heinrich Hermann Starkebaum (1800-1865) and Elisabeth Ridder (1800-1872). An older brother, Friedrich Heinrich Starkebaum (1830-1898), and two younger brothers, Heinrich Friedrich L. Starkebaum (1838-1923) and Hans Hermann August Starkebaum (1843-1900) emigrated from the Principality of Lippe (Fürstentum Lippe ) to the USA, settling in Lafayette County, Missouri.

Heinrich Hermann Starkebaum remained in Lippe and continued to occupy the family farmstead, Number 47, in the village of Sonneborn. He married Dorothea Sophia Justine Krugmeier on 3 December 1865 at Sonneborn. They had four children, only two of whom survived to adulthood. The daughter, Karoline Wilhelmine Louise Starkebaum (1866-1935), married Hermann Friedrich Meier (1863-1958) in Sonneborn in 1892.

The son, Heinrich Hermann Friedrich Konrad Starkebaum (1870-1935) married Karoline Christine Luise Niere (1878-1958) in 1896 at Sonneborn. They remained on the Starkebaum family farm; Luise lived in House 47 until her death.

This photograph shows most of the Starkebaum - Niere family. The eldest child, Luise Wilhelmine Christine Starkebaum (1896-1952) is not present; in 1917 at Sonneborn she married Heinrich Dirksmeier (1890-1960). Also absent from the picture is the third child, Heinrich Friedrich Hermann Starkebaum (1898-1899).

"Minna" (1898- ? ), who is standing beside her grandfather, married Heinrich Witte.

"Lina" (1901-1973) and Friedrich "Fritz" Karl Meier (1899-1969) got married in 1922 at Sonneborn, Freistaat Lippe. Their descendants have generously shared this photo.

Heinrich Starkebaum (1912-1922), the young child on his mother's lap in this photo, died shortly after his 10th birthday from appendicitis.

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Starkebaum - Niere family