23 June 2014

Wilhelmine Louise (Fiegenbaum) Starkebaum

1856 — 1937

photographic studio portrait of Wilhelmine Louise (Fiegenbaum) Starkebaum
Missouri; date?  Permission of John August Lefman; all rights reserved.

Wilhelmine Louise (Fiegenbaum) Starkebaum

photograph of Wilhelmine Louise (Fiegenbaum) Starkebaum and Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum standing in the side yard by a picket fence
Mayview, Missouri; 1913.  From Fiegenbaum-Gerber family; all rights reserved.

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Wilhelmine Louise (Fiegenbaum) Starkebaum
& Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum

Wilhelmine Louise (Fiegenbaum) Starkebaum
& Wilhelm Friedrich Fiegenbaum

In this photo, brother and sister are visiting. They are standing outside Wilhelm's home in the Fortyville neighborhood of Lafayette County, south of the town of Mayview. I believe that Wilhelmine lived on the neighboring farm to the north, but I have not yet been able to confirm that.

This is a portion of a larger photo printed for use as a postcard. At some point, the back of the postcard was annotated, providing Minnie's and Wilhelm's names. The identity of the person who wrote in blue ink is not known. J. W. Fiegenbaum added the clarification in black ink. The date - May 1913 - no doubt refers to when the photo was taken.

Minnie's first husband, Hans Hermann August Starkebaum, had died in 1900 and was buried in the Salem Church Cemetery, at Higginsville, Missouri. In 1920, Minnie married her sister's widower, Heinrich Friedrich Christian Winter, and I believe they both lived out the rest of their lives in either Warren or Lincoln County, Missouri. They were both buried in the cemetery of Zion Methodist Church at Truxton, Missouri.

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