20 August 2010

Rev. Frank Henry Wellemeyer

1848 — 1909

published photographic portrait of Rev. Frank Henry Wellemeyer
Place? Published in 1913.

Rev. Frank Henry Wellemeyer

This photo accompanied a biographical sketch of Rev. Wellemeyer that was published in E. W. Henke, W. H. Rolfing, Friedrich Schaub, L. J. Brenner, and J. F. Hartke, Die Nordwest Deutsche Konferenz der Bischöflichen Methodistenkirche: Geschichtlich, Sachlich und Biographisch Geschildert, (Charles City, Iowa: The Conference, 1913); pages 99 Р101.

A transcription of that essay in the original German and an English translation are available in the Documents section of this web site.

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Frank Henry Wellemeyer's family

Mary Malvina Klaus' family

Wellemeyer - Klaus family

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