21 February 2016

Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum

1864 — 1871

Birth & Baptism

family's record of Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum's birth and baptism
Warren County, Missouri; 1864.  Photocopy of original courtesy of Jane (Fiegenbaum) Padget.

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The family's record of Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum's birth & baptism

This is a portion of a family register which appears to have been kept by Hermann Heinrich and Wilhelmine Florentine Charlotte (Wehrmann) Fiegenbaum in which they recorded the names and the dates of the births, baptisms, and sometimes the deaths, of their 12 children. Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum (1864-1871) was the sixth child.

A transcription of this entry is:

Unser Tochter Anna Elisabeth geboren den 13. August
Morgans um 1 uhr und getauft den 7 September Im Jahr 1864.

A translation is:

Our daughter Anna Elisabeth born on the 13th of August
at 1 o'clock in the morning and baptized on the 7th of September in the year 1864.

Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum's birth and baptism were also recorded in the baptism register of the deutsche evangelische Kirche am Charette (known since 1957 as Immanuels United Church of Christ) at Holstein, Warren County, Missouri, USA.

In the church's baptismal register, the date of birth is given as 12 August. According to this document, the sponsor at the baptism was "Anne Elisebethe Aufderhar." It seems very probable that this was the child's aunt, an older sister to the baby's father, Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum. 1 

Upon the death of Anna Elisabeth Fiegenbaum in 1871 at the age of six, the church's burial record recorded her date of birth as 13 August, not the 12th. This is also the date carved on her gravestone in the cemetery of Immanuels United Church of Christ at Holstein, Missouri.

The discrepancy between the two dates reported in the church records for Anna Elisabeth's date of birth may perhaps be explained by the fact that the birth seems to have taken place in the very early morning hours. At one o'clock in the morning, it might be very easy to say that a child was born "last night" rather than "this morning."


  1. In 1841, Anna Elisabeth (Fiegenbaum) Aufderhaar (about age 29), her husband, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Aufderhaar (about age 32), and their three children at the time (about ages 8, 4 and less than 2 years) emigrated from Ladbergen, Province of Westphalia, the Kingdom of Prussia.

    This family group was joined by members of the Bierbaum family - Anna Elisabeth's married sister, her husband, their child (less than 1 year old), and her husband's unmarried sister. Also in the party were Anna Elisabeth's parents and 2 of their younger, unmarried children, one of whom was Hermann Heinrich Fiegenbaum.

    In all, at least 13 members of this extended family left Ladbergen together in 1841. They departed Germany from the port of Bremen on the bark Leontine. Of the 102 persons on board, 56 were identified on the passenger list as former residents of Ladbergen. Four other persons were from the nearby towns of Brochterbeck and Lengerich. The Leontine arrived at Baltimore, Maryland on 28 June 1841. There is more information about the voyage of the Leontine in the Emigration section of this web site.

    The Fiegenbaums, Aufderhaars and Bierbaums traveled further west until reaching and settling in Warren County, Missouri.

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