9 December 2012

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Lafayette County, Missouri

Township 49 North, Range 26 West

c. 1897

map of Township 45 North, Range 26 West in Lafayette County, Missouri, about 1897
Lafayette County, Missouri; c.1897,  Township 49 North, Range 26 West.

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Township 49 North, Range 26 West
Lafayette County, Missouri; c.1897.

Source: Plat Book of Lafayette County, Missouri; Drawn from Actual Surveys & County Records (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: North West Publishing Company, 1897), page 22.

This plat map, from an atlas published in 1897, shows land ownership in Township 49 North Range 26 West in Lafayette County, Missouri. The city of Higginsville is on the very northeast corner of the map. The town of Mayview straddles the left margin.

In the northwest corner of the map, in Section 5, just north of Dis in the label for School District Number 3, one can see 80 acres of land owned by H. H. Fiegenbaum. It seems very likely that this refers to the farm of the Hermann Heinrich and Wilhelmine Florentine Charlotte (Wehrmann) Fiegenbaum family. I believe this is the location of the family photo which appears elsewhere on this web site.

In the southwest corner of the map, in Sections 31 and 32, near the word School in School District Number 5, are two properties that also figure in the family history. August Starkebaum's land (160 + 78 = 238 acres) will later be divided into two farms (the dotted line under his name will be the boundary). The northern piece will be owned by "Minnie" Starkebaum. The southern part will become the home of the Wilhelm Friedrich and Henriette Caroline Ameilia (Starkebaum) Fiegenbaum family and become known in family lore as the Fiegenbaum-Starkebaum farm. Later, it will be home of the Edwin Friederich Fiegenbaum and Lucille Marie Caroline Rinne family.

The 240 acres (160 + 80) immediately to the south and identified as belonging to J. T. Brown will later be divided. About 185 acres will be owned by August Fiegenbaum serve briefly as the homes of Martin H. and Clara L. (Drewel) Fiegenbaum and also the John Henry and Katherine Margarete (Maun) Fiegenbaum family.