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Included in this Database

This database contains all the basic genealogical data I have collected on the Fiegebaums and associated families - names, major life events, dates and relationships.

I have made a serious attempt to document all my sources of information. The efforts from the early years of my research are less thorough and professional than they should have been. As time allows, I will be correcting these deficiencies.

It is important to note that this information is preliminary. Not every fact comes from an unimpeachable source and many have not been independently verified. Also, as I continue to learn more about the family history, additions and corrections are being made. What you discover here on one day may be quite different on another day. I hope each change will be an improvement.

Not Included in this Database

It is important to note that what I know of the genealogical history of the family is a long way from being the total story.

My knowledge is seriously deficient for the portion of the story that has taken place in Germany. I have a brief outline for my direct line of ancestors only, but am ignorant about their siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

A branch of the family emigrated from Germany to Brazil. I am only now beginning to become acquainted with this history. I have added some of it to the database, but have much more work to do.

Many of the immigrants who left the village of Ladbergen, in northwestern Germany, during the 19th century settled in and around Auglaize County, Ohio. In addition, a group of the family took up residence in southern Indiana, before some descendants moved further west. I also do not know these stories very well.

I hope someday to correct all of these weaknesses.

For the time being, I have not taken full advantage of all of the features built into the database software employed here. The Documents section of this web site contains information that may not be found in the database. All photographs are in the Photos section of the web site. The same is true for maps, cemeteries, and essays, such as the possible meaning of the family name. You will find most of these accessible from the main navigation menu at the top of each web page.


In order to provide some measure of privacy, which I have promised to many family members, I do not present details of the lives of individuals who are known to be living or who might be living. For these members of the family, only names will be available in the database.


What you will find in this database is not the result of my own efforts alone. Many family members, friends and total strangers have contributed their own work to this collective effort. They should be thanked for their generosity, but not held responsible for any errors I have introduced.


The story of a very extended family over the course of many generations, which I attempt to tell here, does not belong to one person. I believe very strongly in sharing. My work is freely available for non-profit and educational purposes and in compliance with fair use policy. A nod to this source would be appreciated, but is not required. I urge you, in turn, to share with others.


The page on copyright and the About Our Project page will expand upon these remarks, introduce you to what I hope to accomplish with this project and outline some of the guidelines I hope to bear in mind as I work towards that goal.